Jazz Call Packages daily, weekly and monthly 2019

jazz call packages weekly

Jazz offers call packages for all the family members at different times, nominal rates and with the excellent call services. Whether you are an entrepreneur, student, housewife, banker or trader, Jazz nominal call offers are for all of you. Wondering! Why Is Jazz considered the No. 1 mobile service in Pakistan? Simply, it offers the high-quality telecom services with the most affordable call packages. Here, I am going to discuss all of the Call Packages offered by Jazz. Pick the bundle convenient for you.

Jazz Daily Call Packages

Package NamePriceVolumeFreebiesDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
*Jazz SIM Lagao OfferN/A50 Minutes3000 MBs and 3000 SMS24 Hours (Valid for 60 Days)Dial *551#It automatically expires after 60 days
Jazz On-Net Day Bundle10 Rs + TaxUnlimited On-net minutes20MBs and 150 SMS24 Hours (Valid from 12 AM to 7 PM)Dial *340#Dial *340*4# to Unsubscribe and *340*2# to check the remaining volume
Super Daily Bundle14 Rs + Tax300 On-net minutes for Jazz and WaridNone24 Hours (Valid till Midnight)Dial *212#Dial *212*4# to Unsubscribe and Dial *212*2# to check remaining volume
Jazz Har Din Bundle21.51 Rs + Tax500 On-net minutesNone24 HoursDial *114*4#Dial *114*4*4# to Unsubscribe and *114*4*2# to check the remaining volume
Jazz 12 Ghantay Package6 Rs + Tax250 On-net minutes24 Hours (Valid from 12 AM to 12 PM)Dial *281#Dial *281*4# to unsubscribe and *281*2# to check the remaining volume
Super F&F Offer10 Rs + TaxUnlimited Calls to 1 Super F&F Jazz NumberUnlimited SMS to 1 Super F&F Jazz Number24 HoursDial *141*F&F number#Automatically expires after 24 hours

*If you are using Jazz SIM Lagao Offer and you use minimum 12 Rs balance, you will be allocated 50 On-net minutes, 50 SMS and 50MBs for the next 24 hours. You can use them anytime except 6 PM to 10 PM.

There are no subscription charges for any package.

Jazz 3-Days & Weekly Call Packages

Jazz also offers some 3-Days and Weekly call packages to its valued customers. These packages are perfectly suitable for the users who do not want to keep away from their loved ones. Here are the packages.

Package NamePriceVolumeDurationActivation CodeDe-activation CodeFreebies
3-Days Call Package36 Rs + Tax500 Jazz to Jazz minutes24 hours (Two days)Dial *211#Dial *211*4# to de-activate and Dial *211*2# to check the remaining balanceNone
Jazz Haftawar Hybrid Package85 Rs (Inclusive of tax)1000 Jazz + Warid minutes24 hours (Valid for 7 days)Dial *407#Dial *407*2# for Status, *407*3# for Info100MBs and 1000 SMS
Jazz All Network Package130 Rs (Inclusive of tax)1000 Jazz + Warid minutes24 hours (Valid for 7 days)Dial *700#Dial *700*4# to de-activate and Dial *700*3# to check the remaining volume300MBs, 1000 SMS, 50 Minutes for Other Networks
Weekly Super Duper Offer170 Rs (Inclusive of tax)1500 Minute (Jazz + Warid)24 hours (Valid for 7 days)Dial *770#Dial *770# to check status. Automatically expires after 7 days1500 MB, 1500 SMS, 25 Minutes for Other Networks

Jazz Monthly Call Packages

Activating another call package after a week or some days is quite irritating. If you do not have enough time to get a short-time call package again and again, just stay here. Jazz brings some monthly call packages for you. You can activate a monthly package for once and enjoy keeping in touch with all of your family members via the call for the whole month. Here are the monthly call packages.

Package NamePriceVolumeFreebiesDurationActivation CodeDe-activation Code
Monthly Hybrid Bundle370 Rs700 Jazz and Warid minutes70MBs and 700 SMS24 hours (Valid for 30 days)Dial *430#Dial *430*4#
Monthly All Network Package380 Rs1200 Jazz & Warid minutes100 Off-net minutes, 1GB, 1200 SMS24 hours (Valid for 30 days)Dial *7000#Dial *7000*3# to unsubscribe and Dial *7000*3# to check the remaining volume
Monthly Super Duper Offer499 Rs (Inclusive of tax)1500 Jazz & Warid minutes2000 MB, 1500 SMS, 100 Off-net minutes24 hours (Valid for 30 days)Dial *706#Dial *706*2# to check Status
Monthly Super Duper Plus offer799 Rs (Inclusive of tax)3000 Jazz & Warid minutes5000 MB, 3000 SMS, 200 Off-net Minutes24 hours (Valid for 30 days)Dial *707#Dial *707*4# to De-activate, Dial *707*2# for Status, Dial *707*3# for Info

Jazz Lifetime Call Packages

Jazz offers a lifetime call package that is particularly offered to those who want the freedom of speaking as long as they desire with their friends and the loved ones. It is perfect to meet your socializing needs at very affordable rates. Here are the offer details.

Package NameOn-net Minutes RateOff-net Minutes RateSMS RatesFNF Call RatesInternet RatesFNF Numbers AllowedSubscription CodeValidity
Jazz Budget Offer2.4 Rs/minute2.4 Rs/minute2.03 Rs/ SMS (inclusive of tax)0.6 Rs/ minute3.59 Rs/ MB20 NumbersDial *301#Lifetime

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