How To Register A Domain Name With Namecheap

How to register a domain name with namecheap

How To Register A Domain Name With Namecheap

Disclosure: We receive a commission from Namecheap if you purchase through one of our links. Purchasing through one of our links adds zero cost to you and can only save you money.

Namecheap is one of the most popular domain registrars used by people all around the world. Registering a domain name with Namecheap is a quick and easy process.

Not very techie? Or haven’t bought a domain name before? No worries! By following our guide on how to register a domain name with Namecheap, you will have your Namecheap domain name purchased in under 5 minutes.

How To Register A Domain Name With Namecheap


Click here to be taken to Namecheap to start the first step in our how to register a domain name with Namecheap guide.

You will be on the Namecheap home page where you want to search for a domain name and see if it is available. Once you type in your domain name, click the orange search button to the right to see if your domain name is available.

If it’s available, you’re in luck! You want to make sure you grab it before it’s gone. If for some reason you find that the domain name you wanted isn’t available Namecheap will provide you with similar names for you to choose.

buying domain with namecheap

You could try changing your domain extension. For example, .com, .net, .org, etc. Want to try another domain name? Just go back to the previous page where you were searching and try again.

It is very common to try several attempts until you find one that is available. Don’t worry if this happens to you.

Once you find the domain name that you want to purchase you want to select the shopping cart button found over on the right of the domain name.

You will see where you can select for how long you want to purchase your domain name for.

Select the time frame you would like. You will see auto-renew next to the year selection. You can either keep this off or turn it on. I usually keep this on so that I don’t risk the domain name expiring and someone grabbing it.



Next, you will see WhoisGuard. This feature comes free for life with all Namecheap domain name purchases. This feature keeps your personal contact information private so that spammers and telemarketers don’t get a hold of your personal contact information. Instead of listing your contact details in the whois database it’ll showcase Namecheap’s.




You will see PremiumDNS. You can enable it or keep it disabled. I recommend you keep it disabled, but the choice is yours.




You will see improve your site with some options. You can go through these to see if you would like to add any to your domain name purchase with Namecheap.

Click the orange confirm order button to proceed in registering your domain name with Namecheap.

You want to create your account with Namecheap now. Fill out all the information and click the create account and continue button at the bottom.




You will now be at the final step in registering your domain name with Namecheap. You want to make your payment using either Paypal or a credit card.




Once completed your domain name will be activated within 5 minutes. Once it is activated, you can start using it immediately. Namecheap will also email you your Namecheap login credentials and receipt of payment.

That is how to register a domain name with Namecheap. Now that you have your domain name purchased you need to choose a web hosting provider.

I recommend you check out Bluehost or Hostgator. These are the two most popular web hosting providers out there that even Fortune 500 companies use.

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