Expired Article Hunter Full Cracked


Expired Article Hunter: Find unique articles and expired domains at the touch of a button.

Expired Article Hunter Future

  1. Lightning fast!: Expired Article Hunter is multi-threaded for maximum speed.
  2. Built-In Proxy Scraper: Don’t want to buy expensive private proxies? With our built-in proxy scraper you can easily find your own public proxies to use.
  3. PBN Managment: Store and manage unlimited WordPress sites. With EAH 2.0 it’s easier than ever to quickly post articles to your PBN.
  4. Expired Domain Downloader: Expired Article Hunter will pull in expired domains as recently as 12 hours expired. No scraping needed.
  5. Quickly Post to WordPress: Post your scraped articles to any WordPress site with the click of a button.
  6. Automatically upload images: EAH will detect any images in your articles and re-upload them to your WordPress site.
  7. Built in Plagiarism Checking: Check Copyscape to ensure articles are one of a kind or use our free built in methods.
  8. Weed Out Spun Content: Use the readability checker to detect possibly low quality or spun content.
  9. Full HTML Scraping: EAH will scrape articles with their original formatting, images included. No need to mess around with styling your articles. It’s all done for you.

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