Elementor Vs Divi Which One to Choose in 2022


Elementor Vs Divi Which One to Choose in 2022

Elementor vs Divi are the most popular WordPress page builders powering millions of websites. Elementor is a page builder plugin for WordPress. Divi is both a WordPress theme and a WordPress plugin. Both are visual drag-and-drop page builders that allow users to create beautiful websites without needing to know any backend code.

What is Divi?

What is divi

Divi is the most popular WordPress theme with more than 700,000 sales, and the ultimate WordPress Page Builder. If this were sports, they’d be the Man U, New York Yankees, and New England Patriots: More than a team, an institution.

What is Elementor?

What is elementor

Elementor is a visual drag-and-drop page builder WordPress plugin that replaces the standard WordPress front-end editor with an enhanced Elementor powered editor. Elementor comes in both a free, limited, version and a premium version that includes 50+ widgets and 300+ templates.

Elementor Vs Divi Visual frontend interface

Both page builders are drag and drop, meaning you simply click on the desired element, then drag it into the position you want it to appear on your web page and drop it into place. It’s as easy as that.

Divi Visual frontend interface

divi Visual frontend interface

Divi has its elements displayed right on the page layout itself. Basically, you just select the desired element and rearrange it in the order you’d like it to appear on the page.

With Divi, you get a full-width editor with no fixed interface elements from Divi, beyond a single button at the bottom that expands some options when clicked.

Elementor Visual frontend interface

Elementor Visual frontend interface

Elementor, on the other hand, uses a fixed sidebar on the left that’s always visible. With Elementor, your elements are, for the most part, provided in the left-hand column, thus giving you an empty canvas-looking layout. You then select the desired element and arrange them in the way you want them to appear on your page.

Personally, I prefer Elementor’s interface and find it to let me build pages faster/easier.

Elementor Vs Divi Content modules

Both page builders provide you with added modules that you can use to enhance the look of your web pages and add more functionality to your website.

Divi Modules

All Divi modules are included in their package.

Elementor Modules

Elementor includes some of their modules with their Free Basic Package and then provides you with many more modules when you buy their Elementor Pro. But just like like Divi, it comes with dozens of modules to choose from.

Elementor Vs Divi Templates

One of the big perks of both of these builders is that they come with large template libraries so that you don’t need to start your designs from scratch.

Divi Templates


Divi comes with over 1,500 pre-built templates that you can import divided into 199 Layout Packs. A Layout Pack is essentially a themed collection of templates all built around a specific website. For example, you might get one template for the homepage, another for the contact page, etc.

Elementor Templates

Elementor’s templates come in a lot of different flavors depending on the type of content that you’re building. In terms of designing pages, you’ll get two types of templates:

  • Pages: These are full-page templates. You’ll get somewhere around ~200 templates with Elementor Pro.
  • Blocks: These are section templates for parts of a page. You can put them together like LEGO to design a full page.

Elementor also organizes some of its templates into template kits, which are templates themed around building a complete website (just like Divi)

Elementor Vs Divi Plans and pricing

Divi Pricing


Divi also allows you to use not only the page builder plug-in but the theme as well on unlimited websites. Whether you go for their yearly package at $89 a year or the one time, lifetime price of $249, it’s an incredible deal.

Elementor Pricing


Even though the paid versions of Elementor Pro are more expensive than the Divi builder, they are able to hook new and first time page builder users in with their free version. As with Divi, this is Elementor’s way of pulling users into their world as well.

Bottom line, Elementor is good for inexperienced web designers with little to no coding experience, who want to take their web developing skills to the next level.

Elementor Vs Divi SEO friendliness

Search engine optimization or SEO determines the visibility of your website to viewers. Experts say that low page speed and the use of shortcodes in WordPress plugins can negatively impact SEO.

Divi SEO Friendliness

Divi is an SEO friendly page builder that has one of the fastest load times. However, Divi does contain a fair amount of shortcodes and could negatively impact SEO. But it has lots of built-in features like schema markup, adding meta descriptions, etc. This allows Divi to be free from external plugins like Yoast SEO to make the web structure more SEO friendly.

Elementor SEO Friendliness

Elementor is the most SEO friendly page builder in WordPress. Its strict code standards and fast page loading make it more useful in that regard. External plugins like the Yoast SEO plugin can be used to further enhance SEO.

Elementor Vs Divi Support

Both Divi and Elementor offer 24/7 support to customers with an active license. Overall, though, the slight edge goes to Divi because it offers more flexible options for getting in touch with support.

Divi Support

All Elegant Themes users with an active license get premium 24/7 support. One of the big perks is that you get live chat support via Intercom (the same support system we use here at Kinsta).

This is a big advantage, as finding live chat support in any WordPress theme or plugin is quite rare.

Elementor Support

Elementor’s paying customers will get 24/7 premium support via tickets. Also, Elementor maintains a detailed public knowledge base to show you how to use core features, troubleshoot common issues, etc.

Elementor also has a large official group on Facebook where you can get community support from over 98,000 members. This is a good option for both free and paid Elementor users.


Final Decision – Divi or Elementor?

Divi and Elementor are both excellent WordPress page builders, and their selection is based on your usage. While Divi may cater to some people’s needs, it may fail to satisfy others, and the same goes with Elementor.

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