Laptop Hangs After waking from Sleep


Try changing the Power Option setting for your HDD because there’s a part there where HDD can turn off and that’s causing this problem with your laptop. Please try and follow these steps:

1. Click Start then on the Search box type in Power Option and press enter.
2. In Power Option select Change plan settings on where the PC is set at (Balanced or Power Saver)

3. Once in Change settings for the plan: Balanced or Power Saver click on Change advanced power settings
4. Look for Hard disk and click the + sign next to it.

5. Set Turn off hard disk after to Never or 0 then click Apply and OK
6. Close everything out then try putting the PC on sleep mode or hibernate.

Second Method

just go to

1. “Device Manager”

2. “Storage controllers”

3 . Right click on “O2Micro Integrated MMC/SD controller” and disable this driver.